Welcome to the The Faustian Cahills WikiEdit

Hello ! This wiki belongs to the Faustian Cahills. The Faustian Cahills are Cahills descended from Festus Cahill, elder brother of Gideon Cahill. Join us !

The FaustiansEdit

The Faustian Cahills have been around for nearly 500 years. Their arch enemies are the Luektojan Cahills (nicknamed by Faustians because of the family branches) due to a betrayal by Gideon Cahill. No one knows the existence of The Faustians till date. They are inspired by the Vespers and they are the role model

Top Secret !Edit

Regardless of how you found this wiki, you are a Faustian. No matter whether you are a Luektojan Cahill or a Vesper, you are descended from Festus Cahill. So join us now before it's too late !

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